Gallipoli Trench Project crew are extremely grateful for the generosity of the following:




The 11th Battaion Living History Unit would like to thank the Department of Mines Industry  Regulation & Safety for their recent donation of a defibrillator and Saint John Midwest for the cabinet to store it in.






Left to right: Acting Regional Manager Matthew Guile, Field Service Officer Mikayla Norman, 11th Battalion Living History Unit Chris Cox & Secretary Ron Hayward.









                                    Lara Dalton  MLA                          Colin de Grussa  MLC


                                 Member for Geraldton              Member for the Agricultural Region





                                    Sandra Carr  MLC                              Melissa Price  MP


                        Member for the Agricultural Region                Member for Durack





 Steve Martin  MLC


Member for the Agricultural Region





















COGMAN Recyclers






























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